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Our unique spaces are created to inspire and calm. Enjoy the quiet and marvel at the tranquil and beautiful setting.

Ask about reserving mecca for your private event. 

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Jungle Pool

view of the Jungle pool at Mecca

Jungle Pool: The heart of mecca, the Jungle Pool is nestled in the courtyard of the lush property. Swim in the crystal clear pool while listening to a variety of tropical birds calling. Stare at the blue skies while bathing in the sun’s golden rays. At night, enjoy the pool’s multicolored lighting while gazing at the stars.


Balcony Bar: Step outside your room and grab a cold water,  coffee or make a cocktail at the Balcony Bar. This beautiful handmade mini bar is muy convenient and boasts one of the best views on the property. Take a load off! Enjoy the beautiful wall murals. Relax in a chair while you languidly sip from your perch.


Sala: This open-air, living room features several seating and dining areas to gather and listen to music or take a sip. Take in the Jungle Pool and Jungle Garden while you lounge.


Sorbo Bar: Need a sip? Sidle up to Sorbo for a taste of something wonderful, tropical and refreshing. This handmade bar is available to all guests. Ask us about our exclusive mixologist options. 

Pura Vida Kitchen: For the cooks, the kitchen includes a  refrigerator, gas stove, microwave, air fryer, Instapot, blender, ice maker, cutlery, plates and pots. Ask about our private chef options. 

Sun-soaked Lounge: Lounge on the deck beside the Jungle Pool to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Soak in the sun’s rays with a book or your earphones. And don’t forget to hydrate!


Jungle Garden: Enjoy the luscious plants and tropical flowers at mecca. Our thoughtfully designed property includes a courtyard with an array of fruit trees, palm trees, succulents and flowers. It’s an explosion of color perfect for your selfies and memorable group shots!

Fire Pit & Grill: Enjoy the views of the moon and stars at night in front of the fire pit. Relax with drinks and music or grill something tasty!

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